With our strength in R & D, we have developed beauty equipment with particular functions such as Face Lifting, Skin Tightening, Skin Rejuvenation, Anti Aging, Skin Whitening, Acne Treatment, Fat Burning, Slimming and Cellulite Treatment.  We can customize beauty and slimming devices based on clients' requirements.








Skin Whitening Ultrasonic

& Ionic Facial Device

Hair Growth

Laser Massage Comb

Blue Light Therapy 

Acne Treament Device

Welcome to Berta Development!  

Berta Development is a professional manufacturer of electric beauty and health products.  We specialize in manufacturing, OEM and ODM high quality of portable beauty equipment and massage machine for beauty, skincare, slimming, cellulite treatment, hair growth, oral care and health care.

Our facial devices and massage machines are high quality, user-friendly and effective, and mainly exported to USA, EU and Japan markets.

Slim Face Massage Roller